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According to Dr.Reid Lyon, 95% of children

can learn to read with appropriate instruction. 

Dr.Reid Lyon, Testimonies to Congress 1997-2002, United States Congress, Washington D.C.


Reading Teachers Australia has been created to introduce you to the Science of Reading (SoR). 

It offers one place to find short, clear explanations, key articles, videos, resources, books, professional development and more to improve your knowledge of how children learn to read and how to teach them according to verifiable science. It is ideal for educators, parents and anyone wanting to improve their teaching of early reading. 

There are three sections: 


Short, easy-to-read explanations informed by the converging consensus of peer-reviewed evidence. Each page helps build your understanding of the Science of Reading (SoR) and assist you to make the best possible choices for teaching children to read.


A selection of short videos that explain the key skills required to learn to read. Watch, save and share. 


A selection of books, websites, professional development and further reading aligned with the SoR to grow your knowledge and improve your practice. You will also find all references for each section of the website.

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Tina Daniel-Zitzlaff

B.A. (Melb), Adv. Dip. (Oxon),

California Teaching Credential (EAL authority),

M.Sc. (Curriculum & Instruction) (Dominican),

PhD Candidate (Deakin)

Tina Daniel-Zitzlaff is an experienced language and literacy teacher who has studied and taught in a range of advantaged and disadvantaged, rural and ELL contexts in both California and Australia. She is completing a PhD in early reading at Deakin University with a particular focus on teachers' perceptions of their practice and the translation of evidence into education. Her latest research focuses on trauma-informed teaching and teachers as humanitarian leaders.

*This website is curated by Tina Daniel-Zitzlaff and peer-reviewed by experts in the field on a regular basis. For more information, please email readingteachersaustralia@gmail.com

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